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HarmonicPotential Class Reference

This class defines the external potential that is used for Hamiltonian class. More...

#include <trottersuzuki.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HarmonicPotential (Lattice2D *grid, double omegax, double omegay, double mass=1., double mean_x=0., double mean_y=0.)
double get_value (int x, int y)
 Return the value of the external potential at coordinate (x,y)
- Public Member Functions inherited from Potential
 Potential (Lattice *grid, char *filename)
 Potential (Lattice *grid, double *external_pot=0)
 Potential (Lattice *grid, double(*potential_function)(double x, double y))
 Potential (Lattice *grid, double(*potential_function)(double x, double y, double t), int t=0)
virtual double get_value (int x)
 Get the value at the coordinate x in a 1D model.
bool update (double t)
 Update the potential matrix at time t.

Private Attributes

double omegax
double omegay
 Frequencies along x and y axis.
double mass
 Mass of the particle.
double mean_x
double mean_y
 Minimum of the potential along x and y axis.

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Attributes inherited from Potential
Lattice * grid
 Object that defines the lattice structure.
double * matrix
 Matrix storing the potential.
bool updated_potential_matrix
- Protected Attributes inherited from Potential
double current_evolution_time
 Amount of time evolved since the beginning of the evolution.
double(* static_potential )(double x, double y)
 Function of the static external potential.
double(* evolving_potential )(double x, double y, double t)
 Function of the time-dependent external potential.
bool self_init
 Whether the external potential matrix has been initialized from the Potential constructor or not.
bool is_static
 Whether the external potential is static or time-dependent.

Detailed Description

This class defines the external potential that is used for Hamiltonian class.

This class is a child of Potential class.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

HarmonicPotential::HarmonicPotential ( Lattice2D grid,
double  omegax,
double  omegay,
double  mass = 1.,
double  mean_x = 0.,
double  mean_y = 0. 

Construct the harmonic external potential.

[in]gridLattice object.
[in]omegaxFrequency along x axis.
[in]omegayFrequency along y axis.
[in]massMass of the particle.
[in]mean_xMinimum of the potential along x axis.
[in]mean_yMinimum of the potential along y axis.

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